Private Analytics

Private Join and Compute keeps individual information safe while allowing organizations to accurately compute and draw useful insights from aggregate statistics.

How it works?

Private Join and Compute is a new type of secure multi-party computation (MPC) that allows two parties to privately compute the sum of associated values for records that have common identifiers. This helps organizations work together with confidential data sets while raising the bar for privacy.

Getting insights in privacy-safe ways

Many importat questions can be answered by combining data sets from independent parties where each party holds their own information about a set of shared identifiers (e.g. email addresses), some of which are common.

Implementing PJ&C and other proprietary approaches Acuratio Platform can help organizations compute aggregate statistics, find a common set of users or cluster the shared user base.

Here is a great explanation from Google's team.

To learn more about Private Join and Compute, read the full paper, access Google's open source code and documentation or contact us to learn about our proprietary implementation that allows more computations with multiple identifiers.